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Xingfa Aluminium Won NO1 of The Top 20 Aluminium Profile Enterprises of ChinaXingfa Aluminium Won NO.1 of The Top 20 Aluminium Profile Enterprises of China
Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium Profiles Co.,Ltd was awarded "No.1 of the top 20 aluminium profile enterprises of China" by Non-ferrous Metals Processing Association of China on 2012, 18th September .
The Cost Control in Aluminium Alloy Curtain WallThe Cost Control in Aluminium Alloy Curtain Wall
Aluminium alloy curtain wall, as the building envelope, the cost of industrial aluminium profile is higher compared with the concrete structure for its double function of decoration and structure. As the market of curtain wall industry matures, the unit price of curtain wall is becoming more and more low, then how to do the cost control and strive for the maximum profit under the condition of low price has been the subject that every curtain wall company focuses on currently.
The Properties of Aluminium ProfileThe Properties of Aluminium Profile
Aluminium profile refers to the finished-product in different shape of section, made by aluminium bar by hot melting and extrusion. The making process of industrial aluminium profile covers casting, extrusion and painting.
Aluminum Alloys Versus Other SteelsAluminum Alloys Versus Other Steels
Aluminum alloys typically have an elastic modulus of about 70 GPa, which is about one-third of the elastic modulus of most kinds of steel and steel alloys. Therefore, for a given load, a component or unit made of an aluminum alloy will experience a greater elastic deformation than a steel part of the identical size and shape. Though there are aluminum alloys with somewhat-higher tensile strengths than the commonly used kinds of steel, simply replacing a steel part with an aluminum alloy might lead to problems.
PT Xingfa Aluminium Indonesia participated in IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2018 ExhibitionPT Xingfa Aluminium Indonesia participated in IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2018 Exhibition
IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2018 exhibition (International Building and Interior Material Exhibition) is the most famous exhibition in Indonesia. The exhibition exhibits a full range of products and services from building to interior material. Since 2003, it has successfully held 15 sessions. After their development in recent years, it has become Indonesia's most comprehensive and largest building and interior material exhibition.