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Xingfa Aluminium is the formulator of national standards and has one state accredited laboratory

Xingfa Aluminium actively participates in and leads the drafting and formulation of the international standard, national standard and industry standard of the aluminium alloy profile industry, which include “Aluminum Alloy Building Profile” GB5237.1, “Industrial aluminium or aluminium alloy extrusion profile” GB/T6892, etc. With the implementation of the company's new product development strategy, we formulate the enterprise standards such as “refrigerated container aluminium alloy profiles” Q/XCNB10.04-2002 (China non-ferrous metal standard committee register No. YSQB00219) and “subway train conductive aluminium alloy profiles” Q/XCNB10.03-2002 (China non-ferrous metal standard committee register No. YSQB00220). These standards greatly enrich the system of national standards and industry standards,and standardize, guide and strictly control the inspection and acceptance of the new products.

The company makes out strict and detail technology document for the production procedures and quality control standards. The quality control standards of the company are higher than the national standards. The achievement of our quality control and quality management is remarkable. The company has passed ISO9000 quality system authentication, military industrial quality control system authentication and obtained the highest honor of quality by winning the gold medal, platinum medal and diamond medal ets in the “quality star of the world” selection.

The company put great attention on the construction of quality inspection and ability. It is the only company that has the state accredited laboratory and physical and chemical test centre, which could issue authorized test report. Its test items widely include the material metallographic composition, mechanical properties, raw and auxiliary materials, profile surface film performance, procedure technology control and realize the close loop quality control over the purchase of raw and auxiliary aluminium alloy material, production links and the inspection and acceptance of new products.

According to the regulations of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), the test report issued by Xingfa physical and chemical testing centre is approved by all the certificate authorities located in the countries and regions which are the signatories of Mutual Recognition Arrangement, and could use the certificate mark of CNAS national laboratory and the ILAC union mark which is internationally mutually recognizedent protection, beauty and are of superior cost performance.

Xingfa Aluminium has a Key R&D Center of Aluminium Profile of Guangdong province

It is the only company that has the Provincial Key R&D Center of Aluminium Profile (the R&D Center). The R&D Center started in 2000 under the united approval of Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Finance and the Department of Economic and Trade commission of Guangdong province, and passed the joint inspection of the province goverment departments and come into operation officially in 2004

The R&D Center shoulders the mission of technology innovation, products innovation and elevating the core competition of the company, and meanwhile promotes the innovation and upgrade of the industry. In 2006, the company set up a enterprise post-doctoral scientific research work station under the authorization of the State Ministry of Personnel and the National Administrative Committee of Post-Doctoral Researchers, and aims to make basic breakthroughs in the field of management innovation, technology innovation and general industry basic difficulties and promote the research work of scientific project and the realization of the industrialization of the research achievements.

The R&D Center adopts the comprehensive development strategy of independent innovation and cooperation with production, teaching and research, and develops the cooperation programme with scientific research institutes such as Southwest Institute of Physics, South China University of Technology and Tsinghua University etc. The research projects include conductive aluminium alloy profiles for subway train, high-quality aluminium alloy profiles for refrigerated container, the development of nanometer materials used in aluminium profiles surface treatment, new technology of ultra-strength aluminium alloy profiles series 2 and 7 and it process technology and the key technology of producing aluminium alloy extrusion profiles for high-speed shipping.

The technology research achievements of the R&D center obtained many science and technology rewards by the governments of all levels. The technology integration and application of energy save, environment protection and safety in Guangzhou subway line 2, which Xingfa take part in the development process, received the second prize of national science and technology progress; the project achievement of “conductive aluminium alloy profiles for subway train” which Xingfa was in charge of, received the second prize of Guangdong provincial science and technology progress and the first prize of Foshan municipal science and technology progress. The high-quality aluminium alloy profiles for refrigerated container successfully developed by the company were selected as the new important products of the country. The new technology of ultra-strength aluminium alloy profiles series 2 and 7 and it process technology received the third prize of Guangdong provincial science and technology progress and the first prize of Foshan municipal science and technology progress.

Taking the development trend of national building business into consideration, the R&D center launches to the market constantly various new products of aluminium alloy doors and windows, and curtain wall structure of excellent performance. It concentrates on the popularization of the new heat-insulating and energy-saving product including glue-injected sliding doors and windows series 2005, Xingfa Winger TM doors and windows. These new products strive for the performances of energy-save, material-save, safety, environment protection, beauty and are of superior cost performance.

Xingfa Aluminium is one the first group pilot enterprises of patents and advantageous enterprises of intellectual property

When it takes active actions in technology and product innovation and product uprading, Xingfa Aluminium puts great emphasis on the patent protection of the achievements of its new technologies and new products, practices the rigorous scientific intellectual property strategy and takes the lead in becoming the provincial patent pilot enterprise and provincial advantageous enterpnse in intellectual propeties. Up to present, the company has applied for more than 630 patents, 527 patents of which have been authorized. The patents cover the field of aluminium doors and windows and curtain wall structure. And the types of patent include invention patent, utility model patent and appearance design patent. The number of patents applied for and authorized holds a safe lead in the same industry. Xingfa's intellectual property strategy contributes as a protection for the enterprise independent innovation.

Xingfa Aluminium has an international advanced enterprise management ERP network system

Xingfa Aluminium is the first enterprise in the industry that applies the ERP modernization information management network project, which makes use of the internet technology to build a network communication platform between the staff of the company and its subsidiary company, builds up the business procedure management system inside the company and realizes the quick efficient management of the company's capital and materials. The office automatic system provides the enterprise with a instant communication platform, enterprise data integration platform, work procedure management platform and knowledge management system, which integrates email communication, information share, information communication, internal approve and inspection , work procedures management, business statement query and knowledge management, and realize the paperless office among the staff.