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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

The company's mission

We aim to improve the internal management system make the output value increase by 15% yearly, and meanwhile to accelerate the transformation of present technology and equipment, the exploration of the internal potential and the low-cost expansion so as to replace the backward production technology, lead the technology innovation and solve the difficulty of low production capacity. The annual production capacity of Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd. are planned to exceed 200,000 tons based on all the facilities now owned by the company.。

We aim to strengthen the ability of technical innovation, develop products of hi-tech, and start the project of “nanometer powder sprayed aluminium profiles” and the research work of aerospace aluminium profiles. Nanometer materials are used in the production of aluminium profiles and the surface performance, Sothat the added value of the aluminium profiles will be improved and increased.性能,提高产品的附加值。

Xingfa trademark has been recognized as “Chinese Well-known Trademark” which greatly enhances the reputation and competition ability of Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd. To strengthen the global influence of Xingfa products, and to create a century name brand, we actively make cooperative arrangements with the famous overseas companies. Since 2008, the company leader has turned their eyes to the new emerging countries in Southeast Asia, and devoted to exploring this new market. Xingfa belongs to the world in the future.

Company philosophy

Xingfa spirit
Diligent, exploring, innovating, pragmatic and serving the society.
Business principle
“human oriented, credit and quality foremost”. Human oriented means customers foremost and employees satisfied; credit foremost means that only the enterprises with good credit standing will grow powerful; quality foremost means that Xingfa tries to create the brand, erect fame and win customers via high quality.Products
Xingfa management
“Strict, capable, high and impartial”, namely strict management, capable personnel, high salary as well as impartial awards and punishments.
Xingfa promises
We may not produce the most sophisticated products in the world, but make better products of competitive prices and offer you better services.
Xingfa targets
To make Xingfa brand bigger, stronger and superior.